--- Comment #13 from Boris Petrov <> ---
(In reply to Chen Levy from comment #11)
> I encountered a similar issue where multipart form submission resulted in
> none of the form parameters being visible from the servlet (no exception or
> error).
> I created a small test project containing a single HTML file with a
> multipart form, and a single servlet.
> No Java or JavaScript libraries are involved
> Using the latest Firefox and Chrome I encounter the issue when uploading a
> 3MB file. The overheadDataThreadhold="0" setting seem to resolve it
> I'd expect the default Tomcat distribution to allow these kind of activities
> without additional configuration
> I can supply/attach additional information if needed
> Thanks

Chen Levy, if you could provide a simple sample project that, as you say, has
no external dependencies and breaks with the default Tomcat configuration on
the latest Chrome/Firefox, please do so that Tomcat's team could perhaps take a
look and reevaluate the default settings.

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