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Author: Michael Osipov <>
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      First draft

+                if (keepAliveTimeout > 0) {
+                    String value = "timeout=" +
+                    if (maxKeepAliveRequests > 0) {
+                        value += ", max=" + maxKeepAliveRequests;
+                    }
StringBuilder ?

StringBuilder does not make any sense because:

* The compiler will replace the static code automatically with a
* StringBuilder gains benefit when you concat strings in a for/while/do
loop. The above code is purely static.

I don't understand how this can work, or how it is static, but if you're
100% certain it's fine.

Please look here:

Exactly the same case.

Can you add a new flag controlling the feature ? The information may not
very useful in many cases such as when proxying, so it would be better to
skip generating it by default.

This is -- as documented -- a first draft.

As mentioned on the ticket. This is hop-by-hop and writetn only if the
client requests this piece of information. We can surely discuss a flag
for this on the connector.

Ok indeed. I never understood why some clients kept sending Connection:
keep-alive since it was also not needed.

To be honest, I didn't know either until I started digging for the client problem a colleague had.

Try against HTTPd and you'll see even with HTTP 1.1 client.


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