--- Comment #5 from Mark Thomas <> ---
Please take care, as Julian did, to be specific about whether you are talking
about weak or strong validators.

RFC 7232 states (section 2.1)
Likewise, a validator is weak if it is shared by two or more
representations of a given resource at the same time, unless those
representations have identical representation data.  For example, if
the origin server sends the same validator for a representation with
a gzip content coding applied as it does for a representation with no
content coding, then that validator is weak.

So the Default servlet (that only ever sets a weak ETag) is fine. As is the
WebDAV servlet.

Where things get "interesting" is when resources set their own, strong ETag. It
looks to me that the simplest solution would be for the container provided
compression to check for the presence of a strong ETag and, if it finds one,
prepend the weakness indicator to the ETag if it is going to compress the

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