--- Comment #6 from Konstantin Kolinko <> ---
(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #5)
> Please take care, as Julian did, to be specific about whether you are
> talking about weak or strong validators.
> RFC 7232 states (section 2.1)
> <quote>[...]</quote>
> So the Default servlet (that only ever sets a weak ETag) is fine. As is the
> WebDAV servlet.


> Where things get "interesting" is when resources set their own, strong ETag.
> It looks to me that the simplest solution would be for the container
> provided compression to check for the presence of a strong ETag and, if it
> finds one, prepend the weakness indicator to the ETag if it is going to
> compress the resource.

Interesting idea. But I think such feature has to be documented. A server
administrator should be aware that changing a Connector setting will change
behaviour of a web application in that way as well. (Changing strong ETag to a
weak one may affect performance of caches.)

Another possible solution is to do not compress a response if a strong ETag is
encountered. The same what we do when a response is already compressed.

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