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> Well, it sounds pretty good to me but the numbers are off and it's going
> to be very very confusing. It pretty much has to be:
> Tomcat X supporting Jakarta EE X
> Tomcat X-1 supporting Jakarta EE X-1
> Tomcat X-2 supporting Jakarta EE X-2
> And Tomcat 9.X supporting Java EE 8 with the same Tomcat API as Tomcat X
> [I understand the rationale for this to be able to achieve very long
> term support - and I expect the API changes will likely be rather small
> anyway -, for example 8.5 and 9.0 have diverged too much to keep 8.5
> more stable, while if we had a 8.6 "trunk" to simply replace it
> eventually we could have kept in strict sync with 9.0]

I like it.

> The only problem then (but it's a big one) is to accommodate the Tomcat
> "10" supporting Jakarta EE 9 somewhere. Maybe 9.9 can be used for that
> but it will still pollute a bit the 9.x message, it could be labelled as
> a "Jakarta preview" or something maybe. Jakarta EE 9 is a useless
> release anyway, nobody will use it and that Tomcat could almost be EOLed
> immediately after a Jakarta EE 10 release.

Hmm. Tricky.

How about something like this?

10.0.0.M1 Jakarta EE 9
10.0.0.M2 Jakarta EE 9
10.0.0 Jakarta EE 9 stable
10.0.1.M1 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1.M2 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1.M3 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1.M4 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1.M5 Jakarta EE 10 dev Jakarta EE 9 some urgent bug fix
10.0.1.M6 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1.M7 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1.M8 Jakarta EE 10 dev
10.0.1    Jakarta EE 10 stable
10.0.n    Jakarta EE 10 stable / Tomcat 10 stable / 10.0.0 is EOL


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