На вт, 16.06.2020 г. в 11:02 Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org> написа:
> All,
> You may have seen the recent discussions both inside and outside the ASF
> about the user of "master" as the name of the default git branch. If you
> haven't, the short version is that the name can be traced back to
> master/slave and its associations with human slavery.
> I'd like to propose that the Apache Tomcat project renames the master
> branch in all of the project repositories.
> I think there are two front runners for the new name:
> - main - this looks to be the name GitHub and a number of OSS projects
>          will be switching to
> - trunk - reflects the Subversion heritage of both the project and the
>           ASF
> Other options I have seen suggested include "default", "dev", "develop".
> Other suggestions welcome.
> Personally, I am leaning towards main as that looks to be the choice of
> the majority and using the majority choice will make it (a little bit)
> easier for new community members to find their way around the project.
> In terms of impact, changing the name is going to break stuff. It is
> really creating a new branch and deleting the old one.
> Deleting a branch triggers the automatic closure of github PRs against
> that branch. However if we create "$new_branch" we can edit the PRs to
> use "$new_branch" before we delete master. Given the small number of
> open PRs that is easily done.
> CI systems will need to be updated (buildbot, gump). That should be
> relatively simple.
> Docs will need to be updated (relatively simple).
> Committers and contributors will rebase any local branches to $new_branch
> Having thought about what is involved, renaming the default branch
> doesn't look as problematic as I thought it might be. This looks like
> something that could be done in around an hour for all our repos.
> Thoughts?

This may help for the gradual migration


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