вт, 16 июн. 2020 г. в 11:02, Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>:
> All,
> You may have seen the recent discussions both inside and outside the ASF
> about the user of "master" as the name of the default git branch. If you
> haven't, the short version is that the name can be traced back to
> master/slave and its associations with human slavery.
> I'd like to propose that the Apache Tomcat project renames the master
> branch in all of the project repositories.
> I think there are two front runners for the new name:
> - main - this looks to be the name GitHub and a number of OSS projects
>          will be switching to
> - trunk - reflects the Subversion heritage of both the project and the
>           ASF
> Other options I have seen suggested include "default", "dev", "develop".
> Other suggestions welcome.

1. My preference is for "trunk". To come back where it was for many
years. It is a well known name that we used for a long time.

2.  I do not like following the hype.
I think a better moment to do a rename will be when 10.0.x is branched
off as a separate branch. That is when some CI servers will have to be

I think that will be about the time when 7.0.x reaches EOL, end of March 2021.


> This may help for the gradual migration
> https://github.com/chancancode/branch-rename/#gradual-migration

Looking at "Gradual Migration" strategy there, I wonder if maybe we
could create a "10.0.x" branch now (using it as the new name, as
suggested by Martin Grigorov).

BTW, one step is missing there: one has to update the 'HEAD' ref in
Git repository. It is a symbolic reference. GitHub does not show the
file, but it can be seen at gitbox .


Best regards,
Kostantin Kolinko

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