--- Comment #6 from Philippe Cloutier <> ---
(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #5)
> The original bug report is invalid. The wiki covers starting Tomcat with
> debugging for users of standard scripts (use catalina.[sh|bat] jpda start)
> and for users with custom scripts (call catalina.[sh|bat] or provide the
> appropriate JVM options).

I'm afraid there's a misunderstanding. The entry is about *configuring* Tomcat
to support remote debugging. Not just about *starting* it with remote debugging

> [...]
> Always starting Tomcat under debugging is a rare requirement.

It's not; most of our Tomcat servers are setup this way.

> Even if the FAQ did need updating (it doesn't), such a configuration would 
> not be
> appropriate in a list *frequently* asked questions.

That FAQ contains the question "How do I start hacking Tomcat in Eclipse?"
In fact, it's even the first question in that FAQ. No matter how you define
"frequent", I hope you'll agree there are many more people configuring Tomcat
for remote debugging than hacking Tomcat in Eclipse.

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