--- Comment #8 from Philippe Cloutier <> ---
Thank you Christopher,
You are entirely right that is not a "custom" shell script. It is
what this ticket calls a "distributed shell script".

The documentation can be improved in a number of ways:
1. By fixing terminology, as "the following options" are not actually JVM
options, but rather option values.
2. By generalizing the required option values, as address does not need to be
set to 8000.
3. By fixing and clarifying item #1:
 1. Fixing the command (Tomcat does not create a "catalina" command by
 2. Not claiming that "catalina jpda start" sets the "above" option values,
since it actually indeed sets:
  1. JPDA_ADDRESS="localhost:8000"
  2. the Java 5+ option (agentlib:jdwp).
 3. Fixing the end or making it intelligible. This can probably be done by
> The above mentioned options can be provided by setting certain environment 
> variables.
> The values of the agentlib:jdwp options can be customized by setting certain 
> environment variables.
 4. Explaining what you just explained, i.e. that basically just
invokes " start", so that for more control over the startup process,
you need to call directly.
 5. Explaining how 3.4 can be achieved in typical systems. Most importantly,
those (like Red Hat Enterprise Linux) where Tomcat is started by systemd. That
is explaining to modify the value of the ExecStart option in the service unit

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