Hey David & co

Assuming all files in the donation already have the header as found at [1],
then no an SGA wouldn't be required.  We've been leaning towards keeping
SGAs just when the license and copyrights need to change.  It appears the
original authors already had the ASF in mind so no need to change
anything.  If any contributor hasn't signed an ICLA, they should sign an
ICLA; but considering the code is already apache licensed it wouldn't be
needed.  You may want to consider adding a NOTICE entry indicating that the
original authors were Tomitribe not Apache, but up to you.

The overall IP Clearance process can be found at [2].  Someone will need to
commit the necessary files, call the vote etc.  I would recommend separate
IP Clearances for each component.  I believe I would be comfortable
pointing to specific git hashes for the import, assuming you would want to
have infra just move the repos from tomitribe to apache on github, instead
of recreating the repos (helps keep the stars and forks in sync).


[2]: http://incubator.apache.org/ip-clearance/

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 12:14 PM David Blevins <david.blev...@gmail.com>

> John, can you put on your Incubator hat and remind me of the process?
> I vaguely recall we'll need:
>  - Software Grant from Tomitribe for both codebases
>  - iCLA for anyone who doesn't already have it
> I think we're good on iCLAs -- everyone is already a committer.  Daniel
> Cunha is not yet a TomEE committer.  I forget how we handled that in
> Geronimo.
> I also seemed to recall there was a formal checklist.
> -David

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