Hi Gunnar,

I have introduced trafodion to have its own configuration file similar to 
hbase-site.xml. This file can contain trafodion specific configuration 
(Trafodion doesn't have anything as of now) or hbase configuration parameters 
that will take effect for trafodion client processes only.

I have also streamlined the SQL/TM component to return error message fully to 
end user whenever possible. So,  when a SQL command returns an error, there are 
cases the end user will not see the whole stack of error sequence. He/She needs 
to go through the different logs to identify the source of the issue.

If this needs to be documented, you can add to the list. I will take up the 
action items to document it. I am unable to edit the document.




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Subject: Re: [RELEASE PLANNING] 2.1 Release Management

Thanks Ming. For tests, I think it's very jira specific. 1673 is about
syntax and, therefore, is a matter of richness in the regression test case.

However, I'm wondering of bigger-ticket items such as odb Windows, CentOS
7, etc. It seems to me that we need a little more testing for such items if
they are part of the release?


On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 7:51 PM, Liu, Ming (Ming) <ming....@esgyn.cn> wrote:

> Hi, Gunnar,
> For testing, for example, I was working for JIRA 1673, and added
> regression test cases for this feature. I assume this will be good.
> For documentation, as we discussed once before, a good practice will be
> the author of the feature to update required document as well.
> I will update doc for some new features covered by the JIRA I owned. Will
> file new JIRAs to track on and mark the target release as R2.1
> thanks,
> Ming
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> From: Gunnar Tapper [mailto:tapper.gun...@gmail.com]
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> Subject: [RELEASE PLANNING] 2.1 Release Management
> Hi,
> I've created a page sub tree for release management on the Trafodion wiki.
> The idea is to provide a poor person's self-service release planning and
> status tool.
> Please refer to
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/TRAFODION/Release+2.1 for the
> 2.1 release management information.
> As you can see, we've identified nine Jiras as release drivers. I'm not
> sure whether the Jiras in Open state are actively worked on and/or will
> make the 2.1 release.
> I expect that release drivers will have specific testing and that we'll
> need to update the documentation for each release driver. Perusing the
> Jiras, I saw no indication of planned test or planned documentation
> updates?
> Let's pick on Jira 1673 as an example. What testing is being planned and
> who's doing it? What changes are needed to the SQL Reference Guide and
> who's doing it?
> I'm going to build out the Release Checklist part and look for other
> documentation jiras.
> Meanwhile, I'm expecting whomever that is responsible for a release driver
> jira to ensure that we have end-to-end delivery of the function. Please
> edit the wiki page directly even if you're just opening a new jira to
> document the feature.
> Also, if you disagree with a release driver or think a new release driver
> should be added, then please start a discussion on the dev list.
> --
> Thanks,
> Gunnar
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*If you think you can you can, if you think you can't you're right.*

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