On 24.01.2018, at 19:26, Richard Eckart de Castilho <r...@apache.org> wrote:
> On 23.01.2018, at 04:33, Marshall Schor <m...@schor.com> wrote:
>> I manually updated the DocumentMetaData.java JCas class to the current style,
>> and now, I can load a document in the Annotation view, without errors :-).
>> I'll commit these changes tomorrow.
> Cool! Looking forward to trying this out!

I finally got to trying out the latest UIMA v3 SNAPSHOT (i.e. 1 commit beyond
the latest RC) with WebAnno. Seems it works nicely now.

I tried adding and deleting various annotations with no error - so it looks
like the UIMAv3 CasCompleteSerializer now also has nicely stable IDs!

Great job!

Thanks for taking into account this use-case!


-- Richard

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