Hi all,

I’m not sure about the process for adding new committers to the project, but 
I’d like to propose the following two new committers

Damien Gaillard - 6 PR : 
Abdelkader Midani - 11 PR : 

Both are employed by Jahia and are on the team that is working hard on Apache 
Unomi. They are highly motivated to do things the right way, and are willing to 
learn more about how to work with an Apache project and growing a community. As 
you can see they have already contributed pull requests to the project and will 
contribute a lot more as they are the now main developers on the project in our 

If my understanding is correct in incubation we have a facilitated process for 
adding new committers. 

Of course they both have my vote : 

+1 Damien Gaillard
+1 Abdelkader Midani

This vote will be open for 72 hours, as usual.


ps : as I’m not sure about the process I used what I know of the “standard” 
one, I hope this is ok ?

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