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Hi Junaid,

Thanks for your interest in adding CAS authentication support!

I just found this presentation Joe Fischetti did about a year ago:


I only skimmed it and didn't see anything about VCL specifically, but Joe is 
one of the VCL admins at Marist.  So, he may be able to provide some insight.

I also just created a JIRA issue last week to track some changes I started 
working on to make authentication more modular.  I hope to have a good chunk 
committed within the next few weeks.  The basic idea is to make each 
authentication method a class built on a base class.  I added comments to the 
JIRA issue to describe what I have come up with so far.



On Friday, March 9, 2018 1:46:47 PM EDT Junaid Ali wrote:
> Hello VCL Developers,
> I'm looking into possible integration for adding CAS
> <https://www.apereo.org/projects/cas>  SSO to VCL Website. I checked the
> available authentication methods and found LDAP & Shibboleth as support
> authentication providers. We are currently using Active directory backed
> I was wondering if someone has already integrated CAS for VCL? If not, I
> was also interested in working on this new feature. Any guidance from the
> core developers would be much appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Junaid Ali
> Systems & Virtualization Engineer,
> Office of Technology Services/IIT,
> 10W, 35st Street, Room # 7F7-1,
> Chicago, IL - 60616

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