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> Hi,
> I'd like for section 8 of the agenda to be treated similar to section 7. To 
> wit, break out each discussion item into its own page in the agenda tool, and 
> allow secretary to add minutes without changing the original discussion text.
> So the action buttons for e.g. 8A would be (edit item) and (add minutes). The 
> (edit item) would allow editing just the 8A item. The (add minutes) would 
> allow taking notes, to be published verbatim in the minutes. No voting, just 
> note-taking.

I've started on this, though there are many pieces.  For the first
part, I've split out items if they exist.  If you go to this month's
agenda, at the moment, it will look just like it always has as there
are no discussion items yet:


If you go to last month, you will see two discussion items split out separately:


At the moment, there is an add minutes button, which will capture the
minutes, but they won't be picked up (yet) by the code that drafts
minutes.  There is no edit item button yet, nor is there an add
discussion item button.  I also need to figure out how to handle
action items, and probably a number of other things I haven't thought
of just yet.

> Thanks,
> Craig
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- Sam Ruby

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