Thanks to Malith. Will check further what the application have to provide for 
the SSO based authentication.

BTW: I found we have API Java docs for Carbon 4.4.6/4.4.7 
 But I wan't able to find the ones for the older version. Any hints?

Kind Regards, Wenxing

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Hi Wenxing, 

In order to provide SSO based authentication for your applications. You can use 
SAMLSSOValve in WSO2 AS to integrate with WSO2 IS as in the documentation 
provided in [1]



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Appreciated if anyone can shed some light on my question.


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Subject:  [Dev] Query about the SSO in the WSO

Dear gurus,

Would like to know more details on the Single Sign On implemented in the WSO2? 
How it's being implemented?

And if I wanna use this feature with the example architecture diagram below, 
what I have to do? 

Thanks for the advice
Regards, Wenxing

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