I would like to create a dataservice in wso2 with a query with? How to make? 
the query would be this:

    with servicos as (
    select cast(tec_servico as text) || '-' || ser_nome as servico,
           ser_metodo as metodo,
           coalesce(tec_vl_maximo, 0) as maximo,
           teh_tipo as origem,
           case when teh_dia_semana = 4410 then 0
                when teh_dia_semana = 4404 then 1
                when teh_dia_semana = 4405 then 2
                when teh_dia_semana = 4406 then 3
                when teh_dia_semana = 4407 then 4
                when teh_dia_semana = 4408 then 5
                when teh_dia_semana = 4409 then 6 end as dia,
           teh_hora_inicial_am as hora_inicial_am,
           teh_hora_final_am as hora_final_am,
           teh_hora_inicial_pm as hora_inicial_pm,
           teh_hora_final_pm as hora_final_pm
      from tb_gcc_ted_configuracao
      join tb_gfc_servico on (tec_servico = ser_cod_serial)
      join tb_gcc_ted_horario on (teh_servico = tec_servico)
      join tb_gen_registro on (reg_id_registro = teh_tipo)
     where reg_cod_registro = :origem
       and (tec_vl_maximo is null
        or tec_vl_maximo > :valorLancamento)

    select metodo
      from servicos
     where dia = extract(dow from current_date)
       and (current_time between hora_inicial_am and hora_final_am
        or current_time between hora_inicial_pm and hora_final_pm)
     order by metodo
     limit 1

and gives the error below:

SQL query is not applicable to automate the response

how can i do for wso2 to recognize?

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