Jesper Steen Møller commented on XALANJ-2419:

[~thetaphi]: Now I see what you mean (perhaps): Yes, there is a very tricky 
similar bug in the attribute values of ToHTMLStream, but not in the general 
case (I think it's OK due to line 1440-1447 in writeAttrString, but have *not* 
tested this.)

I only see the issue for ToHTMLStream in the case of URL attributes such as 
A#HREF, where the output has explicitly been set to *not* encoded as am URL 
(line 1294 in writeAttrURI). The default is to escape HTML attributes 
containing URLs using URL-encoding, unless overridden with 
xalan:use-url-escaping=yes in the XSLT output options.

(As an aside: I'm no expert, but the UTF-8 encoder inside the URL-encoding 
(line 1208-1285 in writeAttrURI) seems legit, if a little verbose, instead of 
just doing String.getBytes(UTF_8) and hexing that)

My v2 fix above does *not* address the corner case in line 1294.

> Astral characters written as a pair of NCRs with the surrogate scalar values 
> when using UTF-8
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: XALANJ-2419
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XALANJ-2419
>             Project: XalanJ2
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: Serialization
>    Affects Versions: 2.7.1
>            Reporter: Henri Sivonen
>            Priority: Major
>         Attachments: XALANJ-2419-fix-v2.txt, XALANJ-2419-tests-v2.txt
> org.apache.xml.serializer.ToStream contains the following code:
>                     else if (m_encodingInfo.isInEncoding(ch)) {
>                         // If the character is in the encoding, and
>                         // not in the normal ASCII range, we also
>                         // just leave it get added on to the clean characters
>                     }
>                     else {
>                         // This is a fallback plan, we should never get here
>                         // but if the character wasn't previously handled
>                         // (i.e. isn't in the encoding, etc.) then what
>                         // should we do?  We choose to write out an entity
>                         writeOutCleanChars(chars, i, lastDirtyCharProcessed);
>                         writer.write("&#");
>                         writer.write(Integer.toString(ch));
>                         writer.write(';');
>                         lastDirtyCharProcessed = i;
>                     }
> This leads to the wrong (latter) if branch running for surrogates, because 
> isInEncoding() for UTF-8 returns false for surrogates. It is always wrong 
> (regardless of encoding) to escape a surrogate as an NCR.
> The practical effect of this bug is that any document with astral characters 
> in it ends up in an ill-formed serialization and does not parse back using an 
> XML parser.

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