Great, can't wait to try this.

moon soo Lee <>于2017年2月16日周四 下午6:35写道:

> Hi Apache Zeppelin contributors!
> Recently, it's not very difficult to see pullrequest is waiting more than
> 10 hours to get travis-ci build slot.
> It's because of all ASF project shares the same travis account and the
> account's capability is limited. Although ASF assigned 5 concurrent build
> capacity to Zeppelin, it's not dedicated slot, it's more like max
> concurrent build limit, so when ASF travis is busy, Zeppelin pullrequest
> should wait.
> But each contributor can get 5 concurrent build capacity for opensource
> project. if we can leverage that, Zeppelin will no longer suffer from CI
> build capacity.
> I created and it
> includes proposed way, how Zeppelin can leverage individual contributors
> travis account.
> And created required script
> Please take a look the proposal. Any feedback would be really appreciated!
> Thanks,
> moon

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