Benjamin Reed created ZOOKEEPER-2600:

             Summary: dangling ephemerals on overloaded server with local 
                 Key: ZOOKEEPER-2600
             Project: ZooKeeper
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: quorum
            Reporter: Benjamin Reed

we had the following strange production bug:

there was an ephemeral znode for a session that was no longer active.  it 
happened even in the absence of failures.

we are running with local sessions enabled and slightly different logic than 
the open source zookeeper, but code inspection shows that the problem is also 
in open source.

the triggering condition was server overload. we had a traffic burst and it we 
were having commit latencies of over 30 seconds.

after digging through logs/code we realized from the logs that the create 
session txn for the ephemeral node started (in the PrepRequestProcessor) at 
11:23:04 and committed at 11:23:38 (the "Adding global session" is output in 
the commit processor). it took 34 seconds to commit the createSession, during 
that time the session expired. due to delays it appears that the interleave was 
as follows:

1) create session hits prep request processor and create session txn generated 
2) time passes as the create session is going through zab
3) the session expires, close session is generated, and close session txn 
generated 11:23:23
4) the create session gets committed and the session gets re-added to the 
sessionTracker 11:23:38
5) the create ephemeral node hits prep request processor and a create txn 
generated 11:23:40
6) the close session gets committed (all ephemeral nodes for the session are 
deleted) and the session is deleted from sessionTracker
7) the create ephemeral node gets committed

the root cause seems to be that the gobal sessions are managed by both the 
PrepRequestProcessor and the CommitProcessor. also with the local session 
upgrading we can have changes in flight before our sessions commits. i think 
there are probably two places to fix:

1) changes to session tracker should not happen in prep request processor.
2) we should not have requests in flight while create session is in process. 
there are two options to prevent this:
a) when a create session is generated in makeUpgradeRequest, we need to start 
queuing the requests from the clients and only submit them once the create 
session is committed
b) the client should explicitly detect that it needs to change from local 
session to global session and explicitly open a global session and get the 
commit before it sends an ephemeral create request

option 2a) is a more transparent fix, but architecturally and in the long term 
i think 2b) might be better.

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