I would like to add three things to community discussions especially around 
governance and process.

1. RFC: The RFC process seems to get only minimal comments and a lot gets lost 
in the noise of the lists.  There isn't a good "final" state where all approved 
RFCs can be seen.  The process is entirely driven by the submitter and thus 
there is little consistency.   I wanted to highlight another project and how 
they handle this. ( ) As a casual observer it is very easy to 
review their RFCs (in flight and approved/rejected) as well as understand how 
to create and submit one if so desired.  The tooling is just git/github so it 
is familiar to the target audience and has a strong ability to track progress, 
show history, and be backed up like any code project.  They also leverage 
github issue tracker for pre rfc conversation and discussions.

2. Bugs/Features/Releases:  First the bug triage and scrub is not very well 
attended.  I know it is hard to get a ww audience together on a call but i 
think part of the goal was to offer a public process and a place to 
learn/discuss.  Is there a better way that still meets those goals?  Secondly, 
the number of bugs that get discussed is pretty small and the list of open 
bugzillas are grower faster than the triage effort.  Third, the results are 
pretty minimal.  Usually a change in owner and a very short comment asking the 
owner to look at it is the result of the triage.  There is sometimes good 
conversation (assuming knowledgeable parties are in attendance) but this is 
impractical to capture into the bugzilla while still keeping forward progress.  
 Finally, as an submitter of a lot of open/unconfirmed bugs it is not very easy 
to understand the owners priorities and when the bug will be fixed and merged 
to master/stable tag. I am happy to contribute effort to making a new process 
but want to understand if others are frustrated by this as well.

3. Discussions: I wanted to know if anyone has experience with user forums like  Again the rust community uses this and it is a 
pretty nice interface for async communication that doesn't involve mail server 
and client configuration challenges, corporate policies, and the noise of email.

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