Hello Donald / Devel list I hope to see this plugin soon on the addon 
repository of kannel. 



1) Is this something worthwhile doing, does anyone else have a need for this?


Yes, i think on at least 2 features that I can do in my current implementation 
of kannel


1.- Dynamic Prefix routing with database, now kannel only accepts regular 
expressions and that is not enough for all countrys, at least not for Mexico

2.- All sort of dynamic filtering routing features with database configuration 
without requiring restart or reload of kannel: dynamic SPAM filter / priority 
switching based on string matching / dynamic blacklisting


2) Are there any considerations you wish to add at this time?


Only worried about stability / perfomance


3) Are there any features you would like to see added?



4) Would there be any problem including this in the Kannel repository?


Hope to see it soon there



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