On 16/09/16 10:32, Ján ONDREJ (SAL) wrote:

  I'm orphaning python-lirc package, which is long time not supported
by upstream and has no python3 support. Last release has been in 2005.

  There is an alternative python-lirc package, but with different python
import (lirc instead of pylirc) and I have also an python-ctypes
alternative, which can be updated to be compatible with current Fedora
package (py2 and py3 compatible, one .py file only).

  I think this package should retire, but if anyone interested, a new
package should be reviewed to replace this one.

Actually, the proper action might be to take whatever exists and file it as an RFE bug to lirc upstream so that lirc could ship python bindings.

BTW, I note that the existing packages does not support sending a. k. a. blasting, which is supported by lirc client libraries as of version 0.9.2+


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