On Friday, October 07, 2016 14:49:49 Tomas Mraz wrote:
> Hi all,
> the openssl will be rebased in Rawhide to 1.1.0 on Monday. There will
> be also 1.0.2 compat package (compat-openssl10) so the dependencies are
> not broken and Rawhide should be installable. Also things that do not
> depend on openssl should be rebuildable without changes.
> On the other hand due to the major API changes in 1.1.0 if your package
> uses OpenSSL it will not be possible to rebuild it without patching.
> Some upstreams already updated their code to work with 1.1.0 so if it
> is your case again there might not be any problems rebuilding it.

Is there any migration guide regarding the API changes introduced in 1.1.0?


> I will be also working on patching and rebuilding the dependencies
> starting with minimal install and expanding to broader installs of
> Fedora. However there might be cases where the package is using some
> obscure features of the old 1.0.x API and the port might be non-trivial
> - I do not expect such packages to be common however cooperation with
> the respective package upstream might be needed in such cases.
> At worst if the patching of a package is highly non-trivial and the
> upstream is not responsive we might have to drop the package from
> Fedora.
> We do not want to keep 1.0.2 devel around as that could make it to look
> like the 1.0.2 is still fully "supported" in Fedora and there would be
> no incentive to switch to 1.1.0. Also to get any new features from
> upstream OpenSSL we have to move to newer versions as they are released
> as the old versions get only bug fixes.
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