On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 3:11 AM, Michal Novotny <cl...@redhat.com> wrote:
> The description of Kevin is very precise. I am additionally thinking about
> implementing
> user option to rebuild all project packages for a new target when added. So
> when f27 is added, user could click one button to launch rebuild of all his
> packages
> for this target.
> Basically, this allows us to be one-step ahead and serve better as a system
> for rapid
> development. Instead of reacting to branching from rawhide to stable, we
> just consider
> everything immediately stable. That's because COPR is a collection of
> relatively small
> development projects. Projects that currently don't need the same kind of
> release system
> as Fedora has.
> I hope, I am explaining this correctly cause these "high-level" explanations
> are always
> a bit fuzzy. For me, the great advantage is that this upgrade alleviates us
> from launching
> rawhide_to_release script, which takes all user projects and copies
> everything from the
> rawhide targets into the newly branched targets. For me, the alternative of
> user-invoked
> explicit rebuilding into a new target when added is much cleaner solution
> that I can
> imagine to work well even for projects that do not even have rawhide targets
> enabled.

(Sorry about the Mageia spillover, but as I work in both distros and
this affects both of them...)

I can see the advantages of this, but the COPR plugin for DNF will
need to be adjusted for this case. It currently treats systems
detected as "Fedora Rawhide" or "Mageia Cauldron" as a special case
where it will check for fedora-rawhide-* or mageia-cauldron-* chroots,

If you change it to always be release versions, then this will
completely break, as there will be no more "rawhide" or "cauldron"
targets. Instead, we'd have Fedora 26 and Mageia 7 (assuming Cauldron
has become Mageia 7, which it hasn't yet).

At least from the Fedora point of view, such a change might be
somewhat painless, since right after branching, we increment the
release version. So the COPR plugin would merely need to have the
conditional removed and the COPR backend will need to have fake Fedora
26 targets that link to the current Rawhide ones.

From the Mageia perspective, this is a problem. At this time, the
workflow is to increment the release version for Cauldron only *after*
release, because SVN makes things a bit annoying for juggling more
than one release with a package. A move to Git is in the cards after
Mageia 6 is released, and I suspect after that, we can more-or-less
adopt Fedora's dist-git workflow, which would make such a change less
painful. Thus, right now, Cauldron and Mageia 6 are identical, but
after Mageia 6 releases, that won't be true.

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