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> One of the features for Taskotron that we've been planning since the
> beginning was a way for contributors to maintain their own automated
> tasks/tests which would be run during a package's lifecycle.
> I'm happy to say that we're almost to this milestone and wanted to get
> some feedback from devel@ on the specifics of what we're planning WRT
> where these automated tasks will be stored and the execution modes
> that we're planning to support. Our current plan is written up at:
> https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/w/taskotron/new_distgit_task_storage_proposal/
> The hope is that by making it easier for contributors to write
> automated tasks and making the model completely self-service and
> convention drive, there will be a lot more automated checks for
> packages than we currently have for Fedora.
> Please read through the wiki page I mentioned above and give us
> feedback on whether what we're planning to implement is going to be
> useful or if there are areas of the plan which could be improved.

Several folks have brought up concerns (off list) about our plan to use
sub-directories inside the rpms/ dist-git repos instead of separate
namespaces. The possibility of using namespaces (which are effectively
separate git repositories) did come up but I want to make sure this
discussion topic comes up in a more obvious fashion.

As I understand it, the primary concern is around having non-rpm stuff
in the repo and the commit history. I'm aware of two reasons for that

  - Red Hat uses separate repos internally to hold tests for RHEL
    packages and putting checks/tests into the rpm repo will make it
    more painful farther down the road for RHEL package maintainers.

  - Adding the checks/tests into the same repo increases the size of
    the repo and could end up requiring more effort to search through
    those commits for a specific change

  - If there are other concerns, feel free to bring them up.

We chose the directory-in-dist-git option because it seems like the
better, more simple option. It requires fewer steps to get checks/tests
pushed, no extra tooling modification, makes the checks/tests easier to
find and would make for a less complex system overall.

That being said, I don't maintain many packages and I'm not going to
pretend that I know what's best for maintainers. So long as the end
system is consistent, easy to use, makes sense and is feasible to
complete with resources we have, I don't have a strong opinion on
whether we use directories or namespaces to hold checks/tests.

Which brings me to the question that I'd like to get some feedback
on: would it be preferable to store checks/tests within directories of
existing dist-git repos or create a new namespace to store checks/tests
and fiddle around with tooling etc. to hide some of the complexity that
may bring?

To be 100% clear from the start, this is not something that is being
dictated from within Red Hat. I do think that it would be unwise to
make more work for our downstream projects without a good reason to do
so but at the same time, I'm not really interested in creating more
work/complexity for Fedora maintainers unless there's a good reason to


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