Readline-7.0 was released few months ago and I have rebased it in rawhide to 
version 7.0. I have created a compatibility package compat-readline6 to avoid 
breaking any existing applications.

Update to readline-7.0 caused a build failure with gdb that was fixed by this 
commit [1].

I am providing abidiff report for the changes between readline-6.3 and 
readline-7.0 :

ELF SONAME changed
Functions changes summary: 2 Removed, 2 Changed (1 filtered out), 17 Added 
Variables changes summary: 0 Removed, 1 Changed, 15 Added variables
SONAME changed from 'libreadline.so.6' to 'libreadline.so.7'
2 Removed functions:
  'function void _rl_audit_tty(char*)'    {_rl_audit_tty}
  'function void replace_history_data(int, histdata_t*, histdata_t*)'    
17 Added functions:
  'function void _hs_append_history_line(int, const char*)'    
  'function void _hs_replace_history_data(int, histdata_t*, histdata_t*)'    
  'function int _rl_find_prev_mbchar_internal(char*, int, int)'    
  'function int _rl_isearch_cleanup(int)'    {_rl_isearch_cleanup}
  'function int _rl_nsearch_cleanup(int)'    {_rl_nsearch_cleanup}
  'function bool _rl_print_prefix_color()'    {_rl_print_prefix_color}
  'function void _rl_ttyflush()'    {_rl_ttyflush}
  'function int _rl_vi_domove_motion_cleanup(int)'    
  'function int _rl_vi_motion_command(int)'    {_rl_vi_motion_command}
  'function int rl_bracketed_paste_begin(int, int)'    
  'function void rl_callback_sigcleanup()'    {rl_callback_sigcleanup}
  'function int rl_clear_visible_line()'    {rl_clear_visible_line}
  'function int rl_pending_signal()'    {rl_pending_signal}
  'function void rl_redraw_prompt_last_line()'    {rl_redraw_prompt_last_line}
  'function int rl_tty_set_echoing(int)'    {rl_tty_set_echoing}
  'function int rl_vi_unix_word_rubout(int, int)'    {rl_vi_unix_word_rubout}
  'function int rl_vi_yank_pop(int, int)'    {rl_vi_yank_pop}
2 functions with some indirect sub-type change:
  [C]'function bool _rl_print_color_indicator(char*)' at colors.c:123:1 has 
some indirect sub-type changes:
    parameter 1 of type 'char*' changed:
      in pointed to type 'char':
        entity changed from 'char' to 'const char'
  [C]'function int rl_restore_state(readline_state*)' at readline.c:1405:1 has 
some indirect sub-type changes:
    parameter 1 of type 'readline_state*' has sub-type changes:
      in pointed to type 'struct readline_state' at readline.h:894:1:
        type size changed from 1536 to 1792 bits
        2 data member insertions:
          'char* readline_state::kseq', at offset 576 (in bits) at 
          'char* readline_state::wordbreakchars', at offset 1216 (in bits) at 
        13 data member changes:
         'int readline_state::buflen' offset changed from 192 to 96 (in bits)
         'UNDO_LIST* readline_state::ul' offset changed from 256 to 192 (in 
         'char* readline_state::prompt' offset changed from 320 to 256 (in bits)
         'int readline_state::rlstate' offset changed from 384 to 320 (in bits)
         'int readline_state::done' offset changed from 416 to 352 (in bits)
         'Keymap readline_state::kmap' offset changed from 448 to 384 (in bits)
         'int readline_state::insmode' offset changed from 576 to 512 (in bits)
         'int readline_state::edmode' offset changed from 608 to 544 (in bits)
         'int readline_state::pendingin' offset changed from 832 to 672 (in 
         'char* readline_state::macro' offset changed from 896 to 832 (in bits)
         'int readline_state::catchsigs' offset changed from 960 to 896 (in 
         'int readline_state::catchsigwinch' offset changed from 992 to 928 (in 
         'char readline_state::reserved[64]' offset changed from 1024 to 1280 
(in bits)
15 Added variables:
  'int _rl_colored_completion_prefix'    {_rl_colored_completion_prefix}
  'char* _rl_emacs_mode_str'    {_rl_emacs_mode_str}
  'int _rl_emacs_modestr_len'    {_rl_emacs_modestr_len}
  'int _rl_enable_bracketed_paste'    {_rl_enable_bracketed_paste}
  'int _rl_optimize_typeahead'    {_rl_optimize_typeahead}
  'char* _rl_vi_cmd_mode_str'    {_rl_vi_cmd_mode_str}
  'int _rl_vi_cmd_modestr_len'    {_rl_vi_cmd_modestr_len}
  'char* _rl_vi_ins_mode_str'    {_rl_vi_ins_mode_str}
  'int _rl_vi_ins_modestr_len'    {_rl_vi_ins_modestr_len}
  'int _rl_vi_redoing'    {_rl_vi_redoing}
  'int history_file_version'    {history_file_version}
  'int history_lines_read_from_file'    {history_lines_read_from_file}
  'int history_lines_written_to_file'    {history_lines_written_to_file}
  'int history_multiline_entries'    {history_multiline_entries}
  'int rl_persistent_signal_handlers'    {rl_persistent_signal_handlers}
1 Changed variable:
  [C]'int rl_readline_state' was changed to 'unsigned long int 
rl_readline_state' at readline.h:500:1:
    size of symbol (in bytes) changed from 4 to 8
    type of variable changed:
     type name changed from 'int' to 'unsigned long int'
     type size changed from 32 to 64 bits

I would be happy to help if any package maintainers need my help with updating 
to readline-7.0.


Siteshwar Vashisht
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