Przemek Klosowski:
> Easy access to debug information is very well done in Fedora, and is
> one of its most empowering features. It's very easy to trace
> Once the debuginfo is installed, however, we have a little bit of a
> stalemate, because the regular updates do not update the debuginfo
> files, so the symbols and sources get out of synch with the actual
> installed software. It's not a big problem---all that's required is
> to enable the appropriate debuginfo repos for the update, but I
> haven't found a really nice way of doing it. Currently I use
>         dnf update --enablerepo *debuginfo
>  What do y'all think?

Hi Przemek,

Is this what you are looking for?



The minimal content of conf file should contain main sections with
enabled and autoupdate parameter.

    A boolean option which controls updates of debuginfo packages. If
    options is enabled and there are debuginfo packages installed it
    automatically enables all configured debuginfo repositories.
    (Disabled by default.)

Michael Mráka
Software Management Engineering, Red Hat
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