On Friday, January 13, 2017 5:54:41 PM CET Pavel Raiskup wrote:
> Doh I missed this.  This is now approved due to "bootstrapping issue".  So the
> way to use "old" pkgconfig is (in case of FTBFS)?

Reading again the proposal, there's compatibility layer -- but the old
implementation nowhere (Obsoleted)?

The package is in Rawhide ~2weeks.  What set of packages has been rebuilt to
test for peculiarities?  Who else (distros) did this change and why?

Who pinged upstream of "old" pkgconfig (seems like the last release is from
2016, it is not dead).

Why don't we have both implementations and let user's pick the
implementation they like?  And resolve the "bootstrapping issue" with the
implementation which better suits ...?

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