Quoting Jan Scotka (2017-06-16 17:27:48)
> > It would be awesome if I could execute a command locally which would
> > trigger
> > testing process inside taskotron. This way I could make sure the tests get
> > picked up correctly -- I definitely don't want to do rebuilds just for
> > sake of
> > trying out tests.
> >
> It would be nice to be able to retrigger tests for build again. (some fake
> fedora message) or similar way, but at lest you have to have there some
> module build, because it dowloads packages for this build. Second issue is
> that it clone dist-git and checkout to SCM stored in PDC, so in case you
> will change tests, it sill use version what is in exact commit. so that
> unable to use it for test debigging, but it would be nice to be able to do
> that.
> Actually it is possible to do that on your machine and use same way as
> taskotron does.
> My initial idea were to use latests bits of tests but after discussion with
> contyk, we've decided to use version of tests same as build. it make sense.

The way I envision this is that the test would be invoked via taskotron's API,
something like:

$ taskotron trigger --koji-build=<ID> <dist-git-hash>

The CLI tool would contact taskotron's API and would submit a new test run. For
me, it's an implementation detail whether tests are triggered via fedmsg or
invoked directly via an API call.

Tim, Kamil: does taskotron have such API?

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