There are a couple GNOME Shell extensions that I think ought to be orphaned. 
Since I already maintain a few other GNOME Shell extensions, I'd be happy to 
take over.

In the Fedora repos, there are two "sustmi" packages, named for the upstream 
developer's GitHub handle. There's a single listing in the old PKGDB --
 -- but it's two (sub?)packages:

* gnome-shell-extension-sustmi-windowoverlay-icons
* gnome-shell-extension-sustmi-historymanager-prefix-search

A look on Bugzilla shows requests to update the packages going as far back as 
2013, which never got any response from the maintainer:

The only new builds in Koji over the past few years have been automated mass 
rebuilds. From the changelog, it doesn't seem like there has been any manual 
updates from the maintainer since 2012.

I've tried commenting on the Bugzilla threads, and tried sending requests 
through PKGDB (just before it was deprecated), to be added as a co-maintainer, 
but I haven't gotten any response either.

These packages have been badly neglected for a long time, and no longer work at 
all on any supported Fedora release. I'd like to get them back in shape.

~ Andrew Toskin
FAS: terrycloth
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