Sandro Mani wrote:

> Hi
> openjpeg-2.2.0 was just release, carrying a large number of security
> fixes. I'd also like to update it for F25 and F26, since it is ABI and
> API compatible with 2.1.x, there is however the problem that openjpeg2
> installs its headers under /usr/include/openjpeg-$major.$minor, so this
> would mean that the location of headers changes, potentially leading to
> compilation failures in the unlikely event users have hardcoded the path
> to said headers (instead of using the pkgconfig file). I'd say however
> that this risk is worth the update.
> Any objections to updating?

No objection, it should be fine for any app correctly using pkg-config 
and/or cmake

-- Rex
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