Michal Novotny wrote:
> - "Follow Fedora branching" project switch that (if enabled) makes COPR
> fork your rawhide chroots into the newly branched ones
> and hence user will have your packages available in their f27 systems
> and they will also be available for your upcoming builds
> (meaning you don't need to bootstrap anything from scratch). It might
> take a few days after branching for this to actually take effect because
> the new chroots need to be enabled in COPR first (and they should also
> be in mock for that as well so that building in them works).
> You can enable the "Follow Fedora branching" option in project settings
> and it will basically ensure that your rawhide builds will be copied
> into the new fedora-27-* ones when they become available in COPR.

Why is that not the default?

        Kevin Kofler
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