Jan Kurik wrote:
> Since beginning of Fedora, gcc (and gcc-c++) are installed in every
> buildroot. Times have changed and nowadays many of packages are not
> written in C/C++, they are written in Python, Ruby, Node.js, Go, Rust,
> OCaml, Perl and so on so they don't need to have C/C++ compiler.
> Installing gcc and gcc-c++ takes time so if we remove it, we can
> improve build times for many of the packages.

IMHO, this is just an unhelpful change. This just breaks lots of packages 
for no practical benefit. The local mock build times are likely even going 
to actually increase because GCC will not be contained in the root cache and 
will have to be reinstalled for each build.

(And IMHO, the fact that so many packages are not written in C/C++ is the 
problem to address, not that GCC is in the buildroot. ;-) But that's just my 

        Kevin Kofler
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