The package is slurm and the issue is their plugins.  It's a deep architectural 
problem unfortunately,To summarize the issue briefly:  When designing a plugin 
system, the services a plugin providesought not depend on the environment that 
loads it.  That is not the case for slurm.   Their pluginscontain symbols that 
refer back to the program that loads them. 
Suppose you have a plugin P loaded by programs A and B.   Slurm's plugins often 
contain symbols a in A and b in B.  When program A loads plugin P, the symbols 
b remain unresolved.  When program B loads plugin P, the symbols a remain 
I have spent hours supplying complex patches for them to "harden" and meet the 
bind now requirement,They acknowledge the problem but do not have enough 
customers complaining about it yet.  Slurm issoftware deployed in large HPC 
research centers typically (hundred, thousands or more nodes). 

    On Friday, February 23, 2018 12:26 PM, John Reiser <> 

 Philip Kovacs wrote:
> My particular concern is not "missing" bind now flags in the elf objects.  I 
> am concerned about
> making sure bind now is omitted because the package cannot operate with that 
> flag.

Please tell us the name of the packages, and some indication of why
the package does not work with BIND_NOW.  Having specific information
might help to identify and understand a more-general situation.
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