Orcan Ogetbil <oget.fed...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Shouldn't we consider having -devel packages Require gcc or gcc-c++?
> What good is a header package without a compiler anyway?
> This would also (indirectly) pull in the compiler and fix most of
> these failed builds.

Do you mean that maintainers should add those dependencies manually?
How much less manual work would that be compared to adding build-time

Or do you mean that RPMbuild should automatically add "gcc" as a
dependency to every subpackage whose name ends with "-devel"? That would
be no help at all for Ada, C++, Fortran, Go or Objective C, which need
gcc-gnat, gcc-c++, gcc-gfortran, gcc-go and gcc-objc, respectively. It
would be plainly wrong for Pascal for example, according to the
dependencies of the package fpc which requires binutils but not gcc.

Or do you mean that RPMbuild should automatically detect which
programming languages are present in each -devel subpackage, and add
dependencies accordingly?

Björn Persson

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