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> Good question. What is in this 20+58MB? Is it all text? Does most of it it 
> change infrequently?/Maybe we can diff it?

Most of it is pretty stable. But it's database-stored, and it's
compressed. Both cause the overall files to change and be awkward to
incrementally update, even if only one RPM actually changed.

This is an old issue. One can reduce the download size needed and
expand the local disk and computational requirements by adding
delta-update and repodata merge tools, much as "deltarpms" did for the
RPM's themselves. It helps, but it's also adding local CPU burden, and
filesystem churn on the upstream repos to try and maintain that binary
data as well as the original repodata. In My Honest Opinion, this is
not going away until the whole "let's keep this all in one database"
approach is discarded and individual small metadata files for each
RPM, which can be surveyed and updated individually, replace the
repodata. That is much more like apt, and it's unlikely in the
foreseeable feature.
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