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> If you fixed package(s), found false positive, found missing packages in list
> or anything else -- please let me know.

Fixed: abc, gnofract4d, libedit, lrslib.

The abe package does not actually need a C++ compiler for building on
Linux.  The configure script does check for a C++ compiler, for use
with XCode on OS X.  But only a C compiler is ever invoked on non-OS X
platforms.  This should be considered a false positive.

The flocq and gappalib-coq packages share build-related files with
several other projects by the same upstream.  These two packages
contain no C or C++ code, only coq proof files and a bit of ocaml
code.  One could argue that upstream should not bother checking for a
C++ compiler in projects that contain no C++ code, but I will bet that
upstream's response will be that it keeps things simpler to share
configure scripts, etc., across all of the projects he maintains.

I don't know why I am listed as being associated with the
perl-Text-Aspell package.  I haven't been a maintainer since 2011.  In
fact, I retired that package once....

Jerry James
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