On 03/06/2018 03:10 PM, Björn 'besser82' Esser wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'll update json-c to v0.13.1 for fc28 and Rawhide.  This will bump
> libjson-c so-name from 3 to 4 without any changes to the API.  The bump
> was done, because some distributions already bumped the so-name to 3
> with json-c v0.12 on their own.
> I'll bump and rebuild all affected packages in one run.  There are no
> adjustments nor patches needed.

Can you wait with this until after the F28 beta freeze is lifted? If you
do a large scale soname bump during the freeze it pretty much makes it
impossible to get freeze exception and blocker fixes out to any of the
packages in your rebuild list, as they'd be built against the new soname
and the stable repo has the old soname.

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