On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 9:43 AM Kevin Kofler <kevin.kof...@chello.at> wrote:

> Jan Kurik wrote:
> > " Beta and Final freezes are in effect from 00:00 UTC of the freeze day."
> I always find this very misleading. IMHO, the freeze date announced should
> be the day before (i.e., this needs no actual change to the policies, just
> to the announced days) so that the announced date is the last date that
> changes are allowed.
> If I see a deadline given as Tuesday, I expect to be able to submit things
> up to and including Tuesday, not Monday.

Intuitively, I completely agree with you. I want to have a last warning
that I need to hurry up and land my changes before I miss my window.

But when I think about it further, I have other thoughts too. The schedule
is public and anyone can look it up at will, so it's not as if this is the
only warning they see. And there's actually net value to the Project as a
whole to *not* give the 24-hour warning. We've always had a high incidence
of mass changes arriving in the last 24-48 hours before each Freeze, which
generally translates into instability for a few days because people see it
as their last chance and land stuff that isn't ready. So I can actually see
an argument for *not* widely encouraging more people to land stuff at the
last minute.

We also do have the one-week notice the Tuesday before, which is probably
our best option; we should continue encourage people to land in the week
before Freeze and try to work out the instabilities beforehand.
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