Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> The “never go backwards” policy means that as soon something hits devel
> other packages can rely on your package and start adapting
> their packages on the basis of your changes. You can not pull the carpet
> from under their feet just because you changed your mind.

This is entirely orthogonal to the current monotonic EVR policy because 
Epoch exists (and is used to revert to older upstream releases in Rawhide at 
times, which is perfectly compliant with the current policy) and because 
pure packaging changes are not covered at all (given that you can just bump 
Release again when reverting them).

The policy you would like to see does not exist at this time and would have 
to be worded entirely differently.

And additionally, I would argue the opposite: It is just impossible to do 
development without sometimes trying something that may fail and thus have 
to be reverted. Banning that would also contradict the Changes process (see 
the contingency plans).

        Kevin Kofler
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