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Adam Williamson <adamw...@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

> brotli was updated from 1.0.1-3 to 1.0.3-1 in Rawhide on 2018-03-03.
> This update bumped the sonames from libbrotli{common,enc,dec}.so.1.0.1
> to libbrotli{common,enc,dec}.so.1 (not a typo, that's really the change).
> This soname bump was not announced, as it is supposed to be.
> httpd (Apache) and webkit2gtk3 (via woff2) depend on these libs. So this
> broke any web server, and multiple images (including release blocking
> ones) which depend on webkit2gtk3 for one reason or another, and so the
> whole Rawhide compose - the 20180305.n.0 Rawhide compose failed due to
> this issue.
> Both dependencies have now been rebuilt. However, I still wanted to
> send this mail to draw attention to another unannounced soname bump
> that broke the compose.
> Once again, folks, *please* announce your soname bumps, and co-ordinate 
> rebuilds.

Didn't know I was supposed to. Sorry about that. I'll try and remember to
do so next time.

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