Recently, several users report problems with system upgrade due to rich 
dependencies that are not supported by RPM in Fedora 25, and not fully 
supported by RPM in Fedora 26 (statement 'with'). Rich dependencies are allowed 
and supported from Fedora 26, but during the System Upgrade from Fedora 25 the 
transaction is checked by RPM that doesn't support rich dependencies, therefore 
the transaction check performed by RPM fails. A similar situation can be 
experienced for System Upgrade from Fedora 26 where RPM is unable to handle 
rich dependency using "with" statement 
( In future we can expect 
that more and more users will be affected by the problem due to increase of 
rich dependencies in Fedora 26-28. I realize that there were similar issue 
discussed in,
 but it does not cover user point o
 f view.

Possible solution:
1. Back-port support of "with" key word in rich dependencies into Fedora 26 
(solves only upgrades from 26 to 27, and 26 to 28.)
2. Ban rich dependencies in Fedora 26, and 27, and in 28 only rich deps using 
"with" statement (solves all issues)
3. Provide a copr repo with RPM for Fedora 25, and 26 that support all rich 
dependencies (user unfriendly)
4. Disable rich dependency check in RPM release for Fedora 26 (solves only 
upgrades from 26 to 27, and 26 to 28.)

The issue can be experienced in following system upgrade combinations: 25 to 
26, 25 to 27,  26 to 27, 26 to 28.
The list of Fedora 27 and 28 packages with incompatible rich deps -

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