Hi everybody,

I'm going to orphan some of my golang packages that were initially pulled
in by syncthing as dependencies, but have been dropped as dependencies
again (... don't ask. golang people produce dependencies like rabbits make

Most of them are fairly low maintenance packages, with only a few commits
per year (if even that), and decent coverage with unit tests. All of them
are up-to-date with the latest upstream git master or latest stable
release, where available, except where I have indicated otherwise.

Just write if you want to take over maintenance of one or more of these
packages, and I'll transfer ownership of the package and its dependencies.
Otherwise, I'll orphan the rest in about one week (March 14), after
re-checking that nothing depends on them anymore.

Also, Athos, if you're reading this, I see that hugo is also using my
package golang-github-gobwas-glob - I can make you a co-maintainer if you

Unused leaf packages:
- golang-github-AudriusButkevicius-kcp-go
- golang-github-calmh-luhn
- golang-github-ccding-go-stun
- golang-github-cznic-ql (1 commit behind git master)
- golang-github-xtaci-kcp-go

Dependencies becoming new unused leaves:
- golang-github-cznic-b
- golang-github-cznic-fileutil
- golang-github-cznic-golex
- golang-github-cznic-internal
- golang-github-cznic-lex
- golang-github-cznic-lexer
- golang-github-cznic-lldb
- golang-github-cznic-mathutil (2 commits behind git master)
- golang-github-cznic-sortutil
- golang-github-cznic-strutil
- golang-github-edsrzf-mmap-go
- golang-github-klauspost-reedsolomon
- golang-github-remyoudompheng-bigfft
- golang-github-templexxx-cpufeat
- golang-github-templexxx-reedsolomon
- golang-github-templexxx-xor
- golang-github-tjfoc-gmsm
- golang-github-xtaci-smux

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