On 12/03/18 21:02 -0300, Athos Ribeiro wrote:
On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 12:35:19AM +0100, René Genz wrote:
the other day I wanted to contribute a fix to an RPM package's spec file.

I struggled with uploading my changes to my fork on src.fedoraproject.org.
puiterwijk and clime from #fedora-admin IRC channel on freenode.net pointed me 
in the right direction:
* 'packager' status for FAS account required, else all repos, including forks, 
are read-only
* workaround is to use a "Remote pull-request"
* requirement of 'packager' status is being worked on.

With this information contributing the fix was easy.


Now I try to add the information to Fedora's documentation.
From my point of view, this would be a good website:

I propose to:
add a new major point 2, so:
"2. How to join the Fedora Package Collection Maintainers?"
will be:
"3. How to join the Fedora Package Collection Maintainers?"

Should your new item really come first? The page is about joining the
package maintainers, so why should "how to contribute without joining"
come before "how to join"?

The new major point 2 would be something like:
2. Notes for one-off contributors

Your contribution is welcome.

At first you must <Create a Fedora Account 

Before proceeding, please sync your account by login on 
https://src.fedoraproject.org/ using your FAS credentials.

See 2.3.1 - It deals with the FAS account creation. Maybe you could link
there to avoid replication :)

At the moment any repos, including forks, on https://src.fedoraproject.org require your 
FAS account to have 'packager' status for write access (and read access if you use the 
"SSH" Source GIT URL).

I don't think it's helpful to mention the SSH URL part. If you don't
have write access, just use the HTTPS URL.

Either you get the status or you use a <Remote pull-request 
 f.e. with <Pagure (https://pagure.io/new)>, as a workaround.

This should be "for example" or "e.g." not "f.e."

And it doesn't seem like a workaround, it seems like the proper way to
do it.

The requirement to be a packager is being worked on.

I would rather see something like:

If you are not an Fedora packager, i.e., you are not in the 'packager'
FAS group, you can send pull requests to  src.fedoraproject.org. To do

Yes, I agree it's better to say "in the 'packager' FAS group" rather
than "have 'packager' status".

so, you must use a <Remote pull-request
f.e. with <Pagure (https://pagure.io/new)>

How about:

3. One-off contributions

Changes to existing packages can be suggested by submitting <pull
requests (https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/pull_requests.html)>.
You must have a <Fedora account (#Create_a_Fedora_Account)> to create
a pull request. If your account is not in the 'packager' group then
you cannot create a fork on src.fedoraproject.org so must use an
external Git hosting platform (e.g. https://pagure.io/new) and use a
<Remote pull-request
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