On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 11:13:11AM +0100, Tom Hughes wrote:
> The body is not exactly meaningful either, and if you follow the
> link you just get a mostly blank page.
> As best I can tell they are triggered by doing builds, but I seemed
> to get three from two builds yesterday so it's not exactly one-to-one
> but I still have no idea what they're about.
> > >   
> > > https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/blue/organizations/jenkins/upstream-fedora-pipeline-trigger/detail/upstream-fedora-pipeline-trigger/8682/pipeline/

This is what we call the 'allpackage' CI pipeline, it triggers on every commit
made to any branch for all packages in Fedora (as opposed to the Atomic CI
pipeline that triggers only for a restricted set of packages).
The issue is that they have started publishing messages on the production bus
before we got the chance to update fedmsg_meta to support them.
And they changed the topic format to something that is close but not exactly
what is produced by the Atomic CI pipeline.
So the new messages from the allpackages pipeline are being picked up by the
part of fedmsg_meta that handles the messages from the Atomic CI pipeline but it
doesn't quite know how to process them which is why the subject and body of
these notifications are so useless.

There is a PR in fedmsg_meta adding support for the new topic of the messages
coming from the allpackages pipeline:

Once it's reviewed and merged we'll be able to cut a release of fedmsg_meta and
push it to the FMN servers which will make these notifications somewhat more
meaning full.

Finally the reason this has not been correctly announced is that we are still
investigating the capacity of the system and the pipeline to check if it can
handle the load of all the package in Fedora, but as said, the pipeline is
already sending messages to the production bus, thus this behavior :(

Sorry for the inconvenience,
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