>>>> >   * Feedback: Easy "home media server" would be nice  (sgallagh,
>>>> >     20:08:36)
>>>> TBH I think that's quite a divergence from a typical "enterprise
>>>> server" that the Server SIG has targetted.
>>>   But this is probably much closer to what "real-world" Fedora server
>>>   deployments are.
>> What details have you got to back that up? I know of a lot of users of
>> Fedora Server that use it in an enterprise context, a lot more than in
>> a media server context.
> These are falling trees in the forest though. It isn't that they don't
> make a sound. It is just that no one really hears it and we have no
> way to know what they want/do if they don't. It is the same with every
> other 'enterprise' group in any other platform. Telling you that they
> are using it is no good if it means that you have to be in every
> meeting ever to represent them. You don't scale that far.

My point was that one person's personal experience doesn't make it
default and the norm as everyone has different experiences.
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