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> Brotli apparently just got a new update, and I was told I have to
> coordinate package updates with you guys in Rawhide instead of just
> uploading the updates unannounced. How should I proceed?

Well, there's only really a need to coordinate if the versioning of the
library changes, or if there's an ABI change and (boo) upstream doesn't
bother to bump the soversion when they break the ABI, or if there's
something else that people need to know about like an API change which
is going to break users of the library when they next rebuild.

If you're just releasing a compatible update, then there's no real need
to say much of anything.  Otherwise this list would be flooded with
update notices.

If you do need to make an announcement, you should say what is changing,
what needs to be done to accommodate it, and provide a list of packages
which will need rebuilding.  You can use the find-package-maintainers
script from
to give a nice list of packages and their owners so that people can
easily see if they'll need to do anything.

(This really needs to be put into the wiki if it isn't already there.)

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