On Saturday, 14 April 2018 at 03:30, po...@pouar.net wrote:
> I'm supposed to notify you a week in advanced, which for me puts it
> at 2018-04-21. the following packages will need to be rebuilt once that
> happens.
> golang-github-dsnet-compress
> httpd
> php-pecl-http
> python-httpbin
> webkit2gtk3
> woff2
> So I just announce that I'm updating the package on the day I update it
> right?

Have you rebuilt all dependent packages successfully beforehand?
If not, and there are API and/or ABI changes that require porting
to the new API, you'll be creating unexpected work for the maintainers
of the above packages. Please do test rebuilds in COPR if you haven't
already and try to fix any issues before actually doing the update.

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