On Tue, 2018-07-10 at 08:42 +0100, Tomasz Kłoczko wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jul 2018 at 06:37, David Tardon <dtar...@redhat.com>
> wrote:
> [..]
> > > My proposition is *not* to add gcc/g++ explicit to BuildReequires
> > > and
> > > use instead glibc-devel and libstdc++-devel modifications and ban
> > > use
> > > gcc/gcc-c++ in BuildRequires (in most of the cases all current
> > > gcc/g++
> > > BuildRequires could be replaced by glibc-devel and libstdc++-
> > > devel).
> > > All because it is not possible to use C compiler without glibc-
> > > devel
> > > and C++ compiler without libstdc++-devel.
> > 
> > It might be a surprise for you, but there are other implementations
> > of
> > C and C++ standard libraries. If I try to imagine Fedora wanting to
> > switch to clang in the future,
> It is not

Your words that "it is not possible to use C compiler without glibc-
devel" suggest otherwise. So I think I did have a right to doubt...

>  but it is quite interesting how you are trying to move
> technical discussion to kind of "argumentum ad hominem" field.

I'm sorry if it sounded offensive. It wasn't my intention.

> > I can very well imagine it wanting to
> > switch to libc++ at the same time... So your "improved" proposal
> > is,
> > in fact, just as arbitrary and choice-limiting as the one you
> > criticize.
> So you want to tell that putting explicit gcc/gcc-g++ BRs makes such
> switching (which is less important) or test build (which is way more
> interesting and valuable options) easier and/or opens some option?
> Really?

Did I write that? No, I didn't. Did the e-mail I reacted on even
mentioned test builds (or %{__cc} or any other idea put forth in other
parts of this e-mail thread)? No, it didn't. So please stop putting
words in my mouth.

My _only_ argument is that this _particular_ proposal (BR: glibc-devel
/ libstdc++-devel) does have _no_ advantage over the original one (BR:
gcc / gcc-c++).

Btw, I don't like the explicit BRs on gcc/gcc-c++ myself, but that's
irrelevant here.

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